We have two manufacturing plants spread across northern India


Established in 2002. Located 45 kms from Gurugram.

It is a modern automatic stainless steel Malting plant with German technology.

This plant has been designed with the support, guidance and equipment provided by the world-renowned Schmidt Seeger of Germany (now Buhler).

It is a compact design Tower Malting plant with 180 Ton Batch Size.

There is a provision to increase the capacity of the plant to 60,000 MT.

Malting Capacity

30,000 MT per annum

Roasted Malt Capacity

2,000 MT per annum


Established in 2010, Located about 220 km from Delhi.

This unit has been commissioned completely by Buhler using the best quality Cleaning, Grading, Conveying, and Malt manufacturing equipment. 

This plant has a 300 MT batch size and was initially commissioned with a capacity of 75,000 MT per annum.

We expanded the capacity in 2014 with the addition of the second line (75,000 MT). Today it is the single largest malting site in India and also boasts a micro malting unit for further Research and Development.

Malting capacity

150,000 MT per annum

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