Sustainability is at the core of all business strategies at the PMV Group. Be it the top management or a factory operator, everyone at PMV is inculcated with the philosophy of ethical usage of resources. It can be through the use of modern plant electricity management modules, or even the simple act of switching off our devices in the office at the end of the day.

PMV group follows the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has made these the core parts of the strategy behind our ongoing operations and future growth plans. We strongly believe in being a company that contributes to society’s upliftment and furthers the United Nations’ goals of alleviating hunger and malnutrition around the globe.


  • No Poverty

    PMV ensures that all employees, including contractual workers, receive the wages sufficient to meet their daily needs and also provide  for future growth.This helps in the upliftment of the individual as well as their families. We ensure this through several third party audits conducted at all our plants.

    We recently Tied up with Apnalaya (Epic Foundation) in Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world, to provide education to children there  and look after their basic needs.

  • Zero hunger

    We run our contract farming program in various locations across North India. For long, we have been running a contract farming program wherein we provide seeds, technical know-how and assured buy back prices to the farmers to promote the sustainable production of barley and supplement farmer incomes. We currently have more than 1000 farmers associated with us in this program. This ensures that we maintain an adequate supply chain not only for our products but also for the day-to-day consumption of the farmers who grow the barley in their fields.

    We provide additive-free fodder (process byproducts) to farmers for their cattle, helping to reduce waste and increase yields. This ensures good quality and quantity of milk from the cattle, thereby helping reduce overall hunger.

  • Good health and well-being

    Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages

    Just as the products we manufacture take care of the health of the end consumers, we place an equally high value on the health and well-being of our employees. We also facilitate vaccination programs, regular health check-ups and diet counseling programs for all our employees.

    We also offer health aid and attractive health insurance to all employees, so that they stay fit and work stress-free. We believe a well-designed engagement strategy with employees takes care of their work-life balance and keeps them energetic and mentally healthy. Sweet Bonanza for Turkish players offers several exciting features that improve the gaming experience and increase the chances of big wins.

  • Quality Education

    Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

    We regularly engage with local bodies of the areas where we operate and invest in building libraries, scholarships to performing students, and other initiatives which help foster a learning culture in these areas. This enables the local population to grow both financially and intellectually over time. We recently tied up with a modern library in Pahari village along with the IIT-Delhi Alumni association. We equally take care of the learning needs of our employees and reimburse expenses incurred by them towards the same.

    In order to encourage parents to send their daughters to school, we provided Toilets for Girls in schools in the adjoining villages. We also maintain them, so that proper sanitation is available. 

    We strongly believe that age is no barrier to learning and treat all our employees as equals when it comes to learning opportunities. Such opportunities help them become leaders in the industry in the future.

  • Climate Action

    Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts by regulating emissions and promoting developments in renewable energy 

    PMV Group has undertaken many projects that contribute to alleviating the impacts of climate change. PMV group has been using biomass instead of coal wherever available to make use of renewable biomass waste available around agriculture-rich areas of northern India. We have already targeted to move completely away from fossil fuels for our energy generation by 2030.

    We have developed rainwater harvesting pits at all our plants to recycle water. We also have ETP’s running at all our plants ensuring that we provide water fit for irrigation purposes at the outlet. This water is provided free of cost to nearby farmers.

    All our plants have online monitoring at our boiler as well as ETP outlets with data being sent directly to the government authorities. This is ensuring real-time compliance with the emission standard. 

    Other notable improvements over the years have been an increase in the loading capacity of outgoing consignments, usage of energy-efficient machinery, ancillary equipment, and cloud software. PMV group has also assessed its solar energy generation potential to fulfil its electricity and thermal needs and has investments lined up in this area in the next five years.