Indian Barley Malt

Product Details
Indian barley malt holds a prominent position in the world of brewing, offering brewers a diverse range of options for crafting exceptional beers. Malt, a crucial ingredient, is derived from barley that undergoes a malting process. Among the varieties available, base malts like pilsner malt and Vienna malt play pivotal roles in influencing flavor profiles. Indian Barley Malt , known for its quality, contributes distinct regional characteristics to the brew. Malt serves as the foundation for beer, influencing color, aroma, and taste. Whether it's the crispness of pilsner malt or the rich, malty notes of Vienna malt, brewers rely on these essential ingredients to create a spectrum of beer styles.
Product Specifications
Moisture (w/w%)
Max 5%
Extract (%age)
Min 75%
Colour (EBC)
Max 5